18 Sep 2014

Matrimandir Symphony (Creative Radio)

Matrimandir banyan tree and new fountain
Matrimandir, Auroville,India

If you close your eyes and listen to the sounds at Matrimandir, you will hear all the usual members of the orchestra:  the crickets, the leaves of the Banyan rustling with the wind, and the chirping of birds. As a part of this back ground music there can be heard often the sounds from the villages close by. You will also hear the occasional screech from one of the small owls living in the Banyan tree.  And now, there is a new sound that has been added to the garden’s orchestra. Follow the voice of Ahilya, 14 years old student (Future school), who will guide you through the new Matrimandir garden soundscape, and will also offer to you two beautiful poems (R.M. Rilke and Harindranath Chabpadaya). Special thanks to John for the text of the Matrimandir newsletter and to the Russian Bells player.

Banyan tree at Matrimandir garden,Auroville

Matrimandir fountain and Russian bells

SONGBIRD GIRLS (creative radio)

Meera, Hannah and Ahilya, the 3 songbird Girls from Auroville

Deepanam School. Ahilya, 14 years old, and Hannah and Meera, 13 years old, are three songbird girls in the forest of Auroville. They love to sing and to share their passion with you.
“If you sing, it doesn’t mean you have to be famous. If you are a singer you just sing”, affirms Hannah. “And what better singing school than your own bathroom”, adds Ahilya, a self-confessed, self-taught shower singing professional. Just open your heart again to the simple joy of singing whenever, whatever, wherever, as it will make your day better, all three girls agree.
Here, Meera, the interviewer, joins the other two in singing about youth and strength, love and feelings… life. So, welcome to open your ears to the magical voices of the songbird girls!

Hannah and Meera, Deepanam school, Auroville

9 Sep 2014

Lilaloka takes shape : Gratitude !

On Lilaloka land, with Mauro,a regular aurovilian donor visiting from abroad, 
and Sigi, Anan,Stacy, Anna, Sandrine

Making a dream become a reality is always an ambitious challenge. Along the way towards the materialization of Lilaloka, we went through all kinds of initiations, experiences, learning (architecture, fundraising, administrative processes, team building etc.) and still do : perseverance and patience indispensable !

Today, the building phase is going on happily and more than ever we would like to express our deep gratitude to all the donors: more than 100 to this day !

The team of Lilaloka thanks from the bottom of its heart all those who already made a gesture to help to the realization of this new experience in education, and all those who send us positive thoughts for its completion and its success.

  Thanks to them all, and to the future donors as well, we keep the faith and courage to pursue this dream and to work towards its materialization.

Here is a link which will allow you to donate online from India and abroad, directly to our LILALOKA account, at the Auroville Financial Service: http://www.auroville.com/donations/. 
 In order to be able to follow up properly our accounts, and to thank you wholeheartedly, please inform us via e-mail of your kind gesture: lilaloka@auroville.org.in 

 If you wish to participate in other ways or become a friend of Lilaloka, please see the "To contribute"page of this blog.

« Each human being is a self-developing soul and the business of both parent and teacher is to enable and to help the child to educate himself, to develop his own intellectual, moral, aesthetic and practical capacities and to grow freely as an organic being, not to be kneaded and pressured into form like an inert plastic material.(…). These new educational methods are on the straight way to this truer dealing. » Sri Aurobindo, The human cycle (chapter: The Coming of the Subjective Age)

« It is the child himself who must be induced to expand in accordance with his own nature (…). A free and natural growth is the condition of genuine development. » Sri Aurobindo, Early Cultural Writings (chapter: On Educating the Human Mind)

Lilaloka's charter:
  • Lilaloka is a centre to help find your centre. It's a peaceful place for children of all ages. 
  •  Lilaloka proposes free choice activities based on non-judgment, serving each one as a unique person. 
  •   At Lilaloka, you play very seriously and you learn very playfully.
  •  To be in Lilaloka, you just have to be yourself.