17 Nov 2014

WATER has arrived on Lilaloka buiding site!

The water pipe on Lilaloka Land

Water pipe and Lilaloka building behind.
Lilaloka building phase 1 currently under construction.
To get water on Lilaloka land has been a long and challenging adventure. But finally after 7 months of building with only water tanks provided by Auroville Water service, here it is, the precious and indispensable Water Connection, that  we need so much not only for building but also for our magical garden.

Since months, Rajan, our caretaker and active member of Lilaloka is taking care in creating a nursery at his house in preparation for the magical garden of Lilaloka. Time has come to move this baby garden to his mother land, to bring  and grow the magic of flowers and trees on Lilaloka land  and attract our dear friends the Fairies!

On the longer term, the water element will take an important place in Lilaloka project: water is so much an element of joy and learning through spontaneous play! "Playing with water is not only fun, but useful to young children; it nourishes the body and the nerves and has a deep calming effect on children" affirms Partho in his book "Integral Education". 

So, right from the phase 1, the inner garden will offer the beauty of a natural pond surrounded by plants, and we hope whenever possible (according to the funds raised), to also offer a small pool for Sensory Exploration, Relaxation in water, Watsu with children etc.

Today is a special day: we happily welcome the Water element on Lilaloka land!

Update about fundraising: we still need 8.65 Lacks of Rupees (10810 Euros / 13310 Dollars) to complete the raw structure of Lilaloka building. Our donation account: 252023, or online donation: http://www.auroville.com/donations/

« As flowers blossom in the sun, children blossom in Joy. »

Lilaloka entrance, drawing by Emanuele.
The inner garden, drawings by Emanuele

2 Nov 2014


First stone ceremony of Lilaloka, April 2014
Lilaloka building now: 7 months later.

The new phase 1 is both more attractive and functional thanks to the plans of Sigi. It will be faster to build and will allow more activities to be accommodated.

Now Lilaloka phase 1 will have :

a. The main building which will accommodate several activity rooms. New in this revised phase are:

  • A  room for Computer Based Self-Learning, Educational Research and Creative Radio.
  • A room for occupational therapy welcoming special needs children and their parents.
  • A small temporary Library (the big and definitive one is scheduled for the second phase) which will also serve as a Games library.
  • A large covered area for multiple activities, such as the Evolutive Board Games
  • An indoor garden, alive and protective, adding to the atmosphere of beauty and peace.

And if the budget allows it, an ecological hall, collective toilets, a storage room and a simple house for the caretaker of the premises (if not
it will be in phase2).

       b. The surrounding magical garden.
    c. And, as earlier, the following activities: Play of Painting, individual Play Sessions, creations in Sand Box, Guided Relaxations, Nature’s Theater, introduction to gardens and flowers, Evolving Board Games and Recreational Horse Riding  (in  Baraka).


La nouvelle phase 1, à la fois plus esthétique et fonctionnelle  grâce aux plans de construction de Sigi, sera plus rapide à construire et permettra d’inclure davantage d’activités.

La phase 1 de Lilaloka,  maintenant c'est :

a. La construction du  bâtiment principal, qui regroupe plusieurs salles d’activités.

      Sont ajoutes dans cette phase révisée : 
  • .       Une pièce pour l'auto-apprentissage par ordinateur, les recherches en education et la radio créative.
  • Une piece pour la therapie occupationnelle accueillant les enfants ayant des besoins specifiques et leurs parents.
  • Une petite bibliothèque temporaire (la grande et définitive est prévue pour la seconde phase) qui servira également de ludothèque.
  •  Une grande surface d’espace couvert pour multiples activités, comme les jeux de plateaux évolutifs.
  • Un jardin intérieur, protecteur et vivant,  ajoutant encore à l’atmosphère de beauté et de paix.

Si le budget le permet également : Hall écologique et toilettes collectives écologiques, salle de stockage et maison simple pour le gardien des lieux (sinon en phase2).

b. La réalisation du jardin magique environnant.

c. Et toujours la mise en œuvre des activités suivantes : Jeu de peindre, sessions individuelles de jeu, créations dans une boîte à sable, relaxations guidées, théâtre de la nature, initiation au jardin et aux fleurs, jeux de plateau évolutifs, et cheval ludique (à Baraka).