5 Oct 2014

LILALOKA Phase 1 under construction...How it came to be?

How Lilaloka came to be...

Once upon a time, in another world not so far from ours, lived a project. Its name was Lilaloka, the Place of Play. It was a Sanskrit name. 
Lilaloka was meant to be a place of Self development for the inner and outer child, a place that could be a link between the people, a playful link, a place to enjoy to Be and enfold.... It had been sleeping for more than 25 years.
 A few years ago, 3 fées-miroirs (mirror-fairies) and a “lutin” who live in the town of Auroville, in South India – also once a sleeping project but very alive and growing on Earth now (if you want to know more, go to www.auroville.com) – came to know of this project. However, they didn’t know each other and were dreaming, each of them in their own way, that Lilaloka would one day wake up and come down to live on earth. 
We forgot to tell you that the three mirror-fairies were called Claire, Sandrine and Yvelise and the elf was called Marianne. Claire and Sandrine were mirror-fairies whose speciality was to offer a space for the child to do the “Play of Painting” with other children of all ages (they had learnt it from a man called Arno Stern). However, Claire also liked to dance with children, write books and joke, and Sandrine liked to tell stories to help them relax and she liked to joke and laugh too. Yvelise was a mirror-fairie whose speciality was to offer the child a space to play in confidence and discover his inner-treasures. Yvelise also liked to tell stories to children, and laugh. Marianne, the elf, knew the secrets of horses and many children who had difficulties came to see her and Persian Sky, her special golden horse. She was a very energetic and joyful little elf. They had other common points: all of them based their work-play on a non-judgmental attitude and tried to be open to the Truth within while they did what they did. 

They kept on thinking of Lilaloka, knowing that the day would come when it would wake up and come down to earth. They met each other during these years in various circumstances and started to recognize each other. And the day came where they actually talked about Lilaloka (maybe it was because Lilaloka had just woken up from its sleep, yet it needed to get ready, clean itself up, define itself…). It was such a joy for the mirror-fairies and the elf to share their common aspirations about Lilaloka, that they started to write this story… 
How the story enfolds, they are discovering it together with you...and the new fairies who joined happily  the project : Aikya, Anna, Veronique, Stacy (see the Team Members page to discover their profiles).

18 Sep 2014

Matrimandir Symphony (Creative Radio)

Matrimandir banyan tree and new fountain
Matrimandir, Auroville,India

If you close your eyes and listen to the sounds at Matrimandir, you will hear all the usual members of the orchestra:  the crickets, the leaves of the Banyan rustling with the wind, and the chirping of birds. As a part of this back ground music there can be heard often the sounds from the villages close by. You will also hear the occasional screech from one of the small owls living in the Banyan tree.  And now, there is a new sound that has been added to the garden’s orchestra. Follow the voice of Ahilya, 14 years old student (Future school), who will guide you through the new Matrimandir garden soundscape, and will also offer to you two beautiful poems (R.M. Rilke and Harindranath Chabpadaya). Special thanks to John for the text of the Matrimandir newsletter and to the Russian Bells player.

Banyan tree at Matrimandir garden,Auroville

Matrimandir fountain and Russian bells

SONGBIRD GIRLS (creative radio)

Meera, Hannah and Ahilya, the 3 songbird Girls from Auroville

Deepanam School. Ahilya, 14 years old, and Hannah and Meera, 13 years old, are three songbird girls in the forest of Auroville. They love to sing and to share their passion with you.
“If you sing, it doesn’t mean you have to be famous. If you are a singer you just sing”, affirms Hannah. “And what better singing school than your own bathroom”, adds Ahilya, a self-confessed, self-taught shower singing professional. Just open your heart again to the simple joy of singing whenever, whatever, wherever, as it will make your day better, all three girls agree.
Here, Meera, the interviewer, joins the other two in singing about youth and strength, love and feelings… life. So, welcome to open your ears to the magical voices of the songbird girls!

Hannah and Meera, Deepanam school, Auroville